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Dover Veterinary Hospital Gets a New Look!

If any of you have been in for an appointment lately, or even have just driven by, you have seen that Dover Veterinary Hospital has undergone a lot of changes this summer.

You may be wondering why. Those of you who have come to our hospital in the winter months have experienced driving over the giant frost heave entering our driveway. This was caused by a drainage problem. In order to fix this troublesome spot, we had to dig up the entire front portion of our property to place a drainage pipe and resolve the underlying problem. While we were at it, we decided to have our entire parking lot redone. The first layer has been poured and the topcoat will be finished soon.

Along with redoing the parking lot, our walkways leading to our side doors and front entrance have been laid with stone pavers and they look absolutely beautiful!

The next step in our "Beautification 2012" plan, as we affectionately call it, was to re-landscape our property. We removed scrub brush that had grown along our parking lot and took out all existing plants and shrubs. Our sign has been updated and we have had new fencing placed along the side and front of our property. Today we have landscapers putting in new plants, shrubs and trees-and so far it is looking great!

Take a look at our Facebook page by clicking the button above and check out some photos that we posted of our project in progress.
Front Walkway

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