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Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving approaching we will all be enjoying a wonderful feast. Here are just a couple things to remember about our pets and Thanksgiving:

*Don't leave any leftovers on the counters or tables. If your pet gets into the leftovers it can make for a very upset stomach.
*Also with all of the baked goods that we bake. Keep the chocolate stored away, especially Baker's chocolate. If Baker's chocolate is ingested it can be toxic.
*If your pet does decide to enjoy in the Thanksgiving feast and develops any vomiting or diarrhea on Thanksgiving day, please contact Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital (603-433-0056) as we will also be enjoying the day with our two and four-legged family members.
*We will be open normal hours on Friday 11/29.

***From all of us at Dover Veterinary Hospital we wish you a safe and happy holiday. ***

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